Introducing Google Solutions blog for Southeast Asia

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | 9:41 PM

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Hello and welcome to the Google Solutions blog ( ).  This blog is for you: all of our advertisers, partners, agencies, developers, and users in Southeast Asia.  

There are hundreds of official and non-official Google blogs out there.  This blog aims to cut through all that noise and present you with what is truly relevant for the Southeast Asia region.  The articles in this blog will focus on Google products and technologies which can make a real impact on you and your online activities.  Our goal is to look beyond advertising with AdWords and AdSense; and so you will find a lot here about Google MapsGoogle EarthOpenSocialiGoogleGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Website Optimiser, and much more.

Why another Google blog you may ask?  My role, as a Customer Solutions Engineer, is to help advertisers and partners understand how to leverage Google products and technologies to enhance their online presence.  This includes showcasing demos, holding training sessions, keeping abreast of product updates, and much more.  Being very Googley here at Google Singapore, we wanted to share this wealth of knowledge with all our users in Southeast Asia.  This led to the birth of the Google Solutions blog!

Once more, welcome to Google Solutions and thank you for joining us on this exciting ride.  You can keep abreast of latest articles by subscribing to our RSS feed and receiving email updates (fill in the "Subscribe" box on the right).  We would also love to hear your feedback about this blog and its posts.  In the interests of being open, we have enabled comments on all posts.  Please share your own insights in the comments.  Who knows - we may even write a follow-up article based on your feedback!


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