Google Analytics: Getting Started is Easy

Friday, March 27, 2009 | 6:10 PM

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Now is a good time to become better acquainted with Google Analytics thanks to two new initiatives. We often hear of how web analytics has to be an integral part of any organisation's marketing and site design strategies. This is even more pertinent in light of today's economic climate. There is no better tool than Google Analytics to help you get started.

The Getting Started Guide is a great resource for beginners. The guide's purpose is to walk new users through the basics of having an Analytics account, and it also picks out must-know definitions like goals and funnels. It also has a diagram of the reporting interface so first time users can follow along and learn about the various reports and features. Finally, the guide also provides practical set-up and implementation instructions in the 'Installing Analytics' section, as well as tips on how to set up your reports and interpret the data once you start receiving it.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification training program is a great, self-paced, online course to get you ramped up on all aspects of Google Analytics. The course is offered free of charge to everyone who is interested. In addition, there is a test you can take to prove you are qualified in Google Analytics - the Google Analytics Individual Qualification - or IQ test.

It costs US$50 to take the test. Once you pass, you'll be registered as Google Analytics qualified. You must receive a score of at least 75% to pass, so even if you already consider yourself an expert, be sure to at least review the online course before taking the test.

For more details or to start the course, simply visit There's a FAQ with all the details and a link to the Google Analytics IQ test.

It's never too late to get started or become more advanced with Google Analytics. It's all smooth sailing thanks to the Getting Started Guide and the Individual Qualification training program. Don't forget to also check out our recent post on handy Google Analytics resources.