Taking Action with Your Google Analytics Data

Friday, April 10, 2009 | 12:29 PM

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Tracking and reporting on online marketing activities has always been at the forefront of marketers' minds, but even more so in these times of an economic downturn when ROI matters most. Thus advertisers are increasingly adopting free and powerful tracking solutions, such as Google Analytics, to gain a better understanding of opportunities to improve their online campaigns.

Implementing Google Analytics and getting the data is the easy part. Data on its own, however, holds very little value for your business. It's what you do with this data to benefit your business - Actionable Insights - that is gold.

Google Southeast Asia held it's first-ever Google Analytics Master Class on March 19 to educate 250 online marketers on discovering and executing actionable insights from their web analytics data. We had a variety of speakers from Google and industry share their experiences with optimising online marketing by leveraging insights from Google Analytics, Google Website Optimiser, and Google AdWords.

If you missed the event, you can view videos from the event here, and follow the slides here. While all the talks were insightful and offered something new, some of the highlights included:

Barbara Pezzi, Director Webmarketing & Ecommerce, Swissotel - Web Analytics: Beyond Clickstream
Barbara shared her views on the importance of web analytics and why there needs to be a shift away from reading data to taking action. She shared success stories on how taking action helped increase bookings and revenues through her online booking systems. Deciding on what action to take would have been difficult without any supporting data, and that's why she made it her first priority to add web analytics to her website.

Nadia Tan, Maximizer, Google Southeast Asia - Maximizing Your Online Campaigns
Nadia works with Google AdWords on a daily basis, and shared her insights on using Google Analytics to maximise your return on investment. She brought home the point that you can indeed have your marketing dollars work harder for you with a few clever tweaks to your online campaigns.

Jon Stona, Marketing, Google JAPAC - Post-click Optimisation with Google Website Optimiser
Throughout the day we learnt how to identify poorly performing campaigns and landing pages. What do you then do with these pages? Jon followed-up with taking action to fix poorly performing landing pages using Google Website Optimiser. The key takeaway was that while many marketers spend hours of effort on pre-click optimisation they cannot ignore the benefits of post-click optimisation.

Panel Discussions
We ended the afternoon with a panel discussion consisting of speakers from industry, from Google, and from ClickTRUE, Southeast Asia's first Google Analytics Authorised Consultant. It quickly became obvious that the 2 key issues for web analytics in the region are: (1) finding talented people who can discover and execute actionable insights from the vast amounts of data available; and (2) engendering a data-driven culture within the organisation. These are issues that can be solved in the long-term if marketers begin to promote and cultivate a web analytics culture within their companies and the industry across the region.

All-in-all a very successful event that drove home the point that web analytics is not about collecting data, but about Actionable Insights. Start taking action. If you are new to Google Analytics, don't forget our links to handy resources to help you get started. You can also further your skills by taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification training and certification program. We also have an overview of getting started with Google Website Optimiser.

Remember, you can watch all videos and presentations from the day here. Please share your thoughts and comments on the event with us below.


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