Google Analytics Master Class Presentation Slides are Now Available

Monday, March 15, 2010 | 12:56 PM

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Last week we executed Google Analytics Master Classes in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of interest in web analytics in this region with close to 900 advertisers, agencies, bloggers, developers, and technophiles descending upon the events. For those of you who made it out, we thank you for your participation and interest, and hope you gained valuable insights from our myriad of speakers.

For those of you who couldn't join us on the day, worry not, as we are making available all slides from all our talks today. Over the next week or so we will also make available the videos from the talks in Singapore. We will also follow up with a blog post to answer the questions that we could not get to during our Q&A sessions.

Keynote - Beth Liebert, Google Analytics Product Manager, Google

The Power of Segmentation - Barbara Pezzi, Director Webmarketing & Ecommerce, Swissotel

Google Analytics: Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent - Stephanie Hsu, Google Analytics Specialist, Google

Taming the HiPPO - Adrian Tan, Director Online Marketing Services, clickTRUE

Shaping the Funnel - Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Customer Solutions Engineer, Google Southeast Asia

Optimising AdWords with Google Analytics Data - Lianne Mateo and Iris Cheng, Google Analytics Specialists, Google Southeast Asia

Re-modeling - Justin Lee, co-Founder, PointStar

Optimising Raffles Hotels and Resorts - Rajitha Dahanayake, CEO, eMarketingEye

Better Landing Pages with Google Website Optimiser - Jon Stona, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Google Asia Pacific

Price Testing: the Holy Grail of Marketing - Rachit Dayal, CEO, Happy Marketer

Catch Up On Trends - Madona Michael, Account Strategist, Google Southeast Asia

Google Analytics Resources - Dinesh Jain, Google Analytics Specialist, Google India

12 Things to Do Today - Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar and Stephanie Hsu

Stay tuned for more when we will bring you video and answers to the questions we could not get to during Q&A.


aizatto said...

Thanks alot for the great presentations!

Leonas said...

When can i see the videos. I have been waiting for weeks

Anil Gupta said...

Fabulous canvas..and thanks a lot for sharing these tips ,they are really helpful.keep it up I really enjoy the blog post.
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